Japanese scooters

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Re: Japanese scooters

Post by Jimo » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:01 pm

The new Cub looks great - look forward to seeing it in the flesh and finding the price in UK.

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Re: Japanese scooters

Post by muddyfox » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:32 pm

Jimo wrote:
Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:01 pm
The new Cub looks great - look forward to seeing it in the flesh and finding the price in UK.

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3399 for the new cub, Doble's posted it up yesterday!
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Re: Japanese scooters

Post by bustupbiker » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:48 pm

That ( new super Cub ) is why i had my Forza early, they have to get the Cubs out for the start of November so all dealers have them in..at least one per dealer on 1st of the month..

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Re: Japanese scooters

Post by Bluebottle » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:53 am

Sorry for not responding gents - going through a busy work phase and not been able to check in as often
Data wrote:
Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:44 am
There's a few of us wanting to have a quick meet up at the NEC bike show this year. It's 17th to the 25th of November. I reckon on going on the first Tuesday. Let us know if you can make it.
I’d enjoy that, I’m back in the U.K. now
Do what is best for everybody and I will try to make it. My hours are entirely flexible as long as I meet deadlines. It just comes in waves of activity and I’m in a busy phase.
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Re: Japanese scooters

Post by Data » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:04 am

Hi Bluebottle, great to speak again. Yes I know the feeling. Bloody deadlines were the bain of my life. So glad I don't have to deal with those anymore. Harvey (Scootypuff) and me will most likely be going but we will post about it in a few days so watch the Meets & Rideouts section, although I'll probably send you a link by pm.

Just posted on Burgmanusa in the 'what oil to use and running in thread' that you have been active in. Nicely written if I may say. Our American cousins seem always too eager to use that fully syn stuff I see. Lol

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