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Post by MrGrumpy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:03 am

Yes, after four whole months, I've got my mk6 Tmax back after its transmission bearing failure.

No-one seems able or willing explain why it took so long - it took 2 months for the warranty claim to even be submitted. Apparently the failure is unprecedented - and downright dangerous if it occurred at the wrong time - so Yamaha Japan were involved, so everything had to be stripped down and examined, but that shouldn't have taken 2 months....

And then there were delays as parts had to be dispatched from Japan, and apparently some special grease is still almost unobtainable. And frankly Jax M/Cs of York didn't seem to pull their fingers out either, despite their claims that they were desperate to get rid of it as the pile of bits was taking up all their storage space.

Yamaha UK absolutely unhelpful. As far as they were concerned, nothing had happened before the the beginning of May (though it entered the dealer in early March) and their attitude was 'its being fixed under warranty so what are you complaining about?' No-one offered me a replacement bike/scoot at any time (not that I needed one as I have the mk3 as well). Yamaha refused point blank to extend the warranty though I did manage to get them to do the 6000 mile service free - though as the bike was being taken to pieces, I guess most service items would be covered anyway when it was rebuilt. But to have a brand new bike off the road for 4 months in the first 2 years is appalling.

Anyway, told to treat it like a new bike for a couple of hundred miles - I've no real idea what they've done...

Its been so long since I've ridden it (had to read the manual about the smart key system again!), it gives me the opportunity for first impressions all over again. Its amazing how different it feels to the mk3 - the riding position is completely different, the engine sounds and feels completely different (and feels so much more powerful) and the ride & handling are completely different. The handling is rather more precise than the mk3, though the ride is agitated than I remember if the road isn't that precise.

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by capitano » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:48 am

MrGrumpy wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:03 am
No-one offered me a replacement bike/scoot at any time
That's a poor show! I even got a courtesy bike from Piaggio in 2007 when my Nexus had a suspension strut changed under warranty.

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by Sylar » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:31 am

What a disgrace. In America they would have had to give you a replacement machine, under their Lemon law.

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by SH125Paul » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:32 pm

Send them a link...

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by tmaxrobbo » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:59 pm

Good that you have finally got it back .,However sounds poor response all round . Your story actually made me loose faith in the T Max . I had a new variator , new belt and software flash on mine but there was still something about it that sounded wrong . I’ve had 8 or so at Max’s from Mk 1 to Mk 6 and never an issue until the Mk 6 . I’ve sold it now and have a BMW C Evolution scooter which I love. Shame , as the T Max was for me the best Maxi scooter out there . Not anymore I feel as they seem to have cost cut on a bike that is near 11 grand , and with poor customer support . You do not get that with BMW , but yes the bikes are very expensive . Hope yours holds out . I’m also looking for a mk 2 and my old one has just come up on e bay !!

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by bugsy » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:15 am

I am pleased to hear your T Max has returned.

However like others I don’t think you should leave it there. You have been treated badly and I think your dealership was partly responsible for not looking after you, keeping you updated and fighting your corner.

Personally I don’t think my current Mk 6 is as smooth and enjoyable to ride as my last which is odd.

When my trade in date comes around next spring your experience will be at the front of my mind when it comes to whether I stay with Yamaha.


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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by horobags » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:33 am

glad you got it back from the dealers, but poor show from them and Yamaha UK. I wouldnt leave it there.
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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by Data » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:35 am

Grumpy, excellent news that you got it back, but totally unacceptable that you were not offered a bike to run around on.

In the car world no one would accept this sort of behaviour. I recently bought two new cars. Both of them suffered major engine and gearbox issues within the first 5 months. I rejected one car under the 'Consumer Rights Act' of 2015. That car was off the road for two months waiting for parts and having work done on the engine. They failed to fix it. BUT, I was offered a replacement car straight away at no cost. I was also paid £250 compensation. My second car suffered automatic gearbox issues and was taken in to the workshop for 1 week to have a new gearbox fitted. Again, I was given a new car to run around in whilst mine was in the garage. The manufacturer was mortified (or so they said) and communicated with me at all times as did the dealer.

Us bikers need to toughen up sometimes when we get treated like second class citizens. Not criticising you Grumpy...just the way the m/c industry often treats it's customers. It's like they live in the past. :(

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by bikerdezzie » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:52 am

When i got knocked off my mk3 in 2008 i had to wait 3.5 months to get mine back and missed most of the summer as mk3 was new to market and had to get all the painted panels from Japan but luckily they are so prevalent now i can just order panels from abroad and get them quicker, i can get a full set of painted plastics for my forza for under 500 quid.

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Re: Finally!!!!!!!!!

Post by Drago » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:52 pm

Blimey that's bad - thought being left waiting for 5 weeks for a part by motogb/SYM was bad. But from Yamaha?! I thought the Japanese would be better than this!
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