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Riding a Burgman 400 K8, my second 400 after a 2000 year one. The K8 is much better and good for commuting and occasional longer blast. Now fitted with Givi screen with adjustable deflector which gives much better protection than Suzuki original, and better than plain Givi replacement which I also had until bike fell over when I thought sidestand was down and cracked it... I like the bike very much but am having problems with dreaded clutch judder which my (Yamaha - no Suzuki one near me) dealer seems unable to fix permanently. Overall, so far so good but could be better without the judder!

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The clutch judder is usually glassed shoes if its been ridden carefully in traffic, try some quick accelerations uphills, holding the front brake on and building up the revs. Also don't overheat the clutch by crawling along in traffic. Riding style could sort it. Have had it on x9's and Silverwing,
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Welcome 400four

Have to agree with Dave never recall judder with my burg 400 but it was ridden hard across France keeping up with mid weight 600ccs.

My silverwing tends to suffer belt squeal but before me it had a sedatery town life so rev it against locked brakes & it clears, being throttle sympathetic isn't always best :oops:

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welcome to MM

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