The Glesga Parrot

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The Glesga Parrot

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Pinched from another site.

One day a man walks into a pet shop looking for a new pet. He see's this parrot and the parrot says "am a glesga parrot and am hard as nails".

So, the guy decides to get the parrot. The man takes him home and the parrot starts bugging the shit oot o' him by saying "am a glesga parrot and am hard as nails" over and over.

So the man gets a falcon and puts him in the cage with the parrot and puts a blanket over the cage the next minute he hears the cage rattling and then it stops. He then takes the blanket off and the falcon is lying dead at the bottom of the cage and the parrot says "Is that all you got big man, I'm hard as fuck!" So the mans starts to get really annoyed, so he went and bought a hawk but the same thing happens.

So the man gets his hands on a bald eagle and says "this will take care of the wee bastard". So the bald eagle goes in the cage and the blanket goes over again.

He hears the cage rattling for longer this time and then it stops. So the man takes the blanket of the cage and sees the bald eagle laying dead
and the parrots standin there with no feathers so the guy says "Whit happened?" the parrot replies.........."fuck sake I hid tae take my jacket off for that female pudenda!"
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