Regulator issues fix

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Re: Regulator issues fix

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I had further issues with the wiring junction from the reg/rectifier, went on a 120 mile trip down to Dumfries and about 3/4 the way home the old girl started popping, backfiring stopped when I turned all the lights off (which I didn't want to do as the heavens had opened) but stupidly I stopped to see what was occuring, no melted plastic/molten metal smell, worked ok on sidelight but headlight on and she cut out... had to ask a local for help jump starting it, got another10-15miles and about 10 from home n the bitch cut out again, RAC helped me get home (the connection from the reg/rectifier had melted), escorted me back.....
I've since got rid of that bastard connector and replaced it with a 15amp strip connector bloke, like you get at most hardware stores and touch wood she's ok so far..... she charges between 13.5 and 14.5ish...gonna get another battery aswell as the current one is 6 years old n drained recharged alot due to the chargin issues.....
How long have the japs known about the reg issues? I've had mine (400) since 2000 n never heard of a recall on them....

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Re: Regulator issues fix

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Years ago I had a Suzuki Katana. Common practice in those days was to remove the regulator from just under headlight , between the forks , and swop it for a Honda Superdream regulator sited under the seat.
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