Peugeot UK 2021

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Re: Peugeot UK 2021

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Yeah, I guess Covid has probably sodded up a lot of company plans. Still, I'm sure there'll be some good stuff in the pipeline eventually!
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Re: Peugeot UK 2021

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MrGrumpy wrote: Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:57 am Yes, Peugeot had some interesting ideas, like the integrated Boa lock on many scoots. They also had that weird looking Ludix thing - am I right thinking that you could swap bits of it to customise it??? I got the impression that the rate of innovation slowed in recent years, with them buying in Piaggio mechanicals, and whilst they did do maxi 3-wheelers, they never really did a Tmax competitor, which given the popularity of the Tmax in France strikes me as, shall we say, a 'faux-pas'....
The Ludix was brilliant, a proper Characterful bie in a sea of bland mopeds.

For characterful read , "typically French."

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