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Re: Sh300i

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May as well wait for euro 5 if keeping long term wont be long before city center restrictions come in all over uk .Coming to brum soon .

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Re: Sh300i

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Im not a gynecologist, but I dont mind taking a look.

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Re: Sh300i

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Its going to be fun soon, as we see them impliment tons of daft things they would of blamed on Europe before.

I`m not sure why on earth they are still so emissions concerned with petrol vehicles anyway as they now have fairly cheap and simple Carbon Air Scrubbing tech, IE suck in air, take out the CO2 and then blow it out again.

There are various ways to do it now.

You can put a plant anywhwere. But the fact they don`t seem to be doing much with it makes you wonder whats behind it all anyway.

Personally I think Euro 3 was well and far enough down that road.

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