Good Pratical scooter Advice for all ( Video )

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Re: Good Pratical scooter Advice for all ( Video )

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I'm getting a 404 error :(

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Re: Good Pratical scooter Advice for all ( Video )

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This was top of the general scooter chat but when I clicked on it, it is a case of 'file not found'. Presumably it has gone for an Autumn break.
Like jimo, I hate taxi drivers almost as much as BMW car drivers. I head for the ditch whenever I see one coming my way. I once saw a mini cab drive straight across a STOP white line and smash a motorbike rider into a lamp post. The bike rider was minding his own business riding well within the 30 limit.
Once I was riding to work in South London on my four day old Vespa 200 Electronic (They were the top of the range, brand new model) and a car pulled out of a side turning right into me, knocking me into a lamp post. The Vespa was written off, an I was off work for two weeks. The car driver explained the good and valid reason why he had to pull out in front of me - " I had been waiting at that junction for five minutes". Ah, well that's all right then. Fortunately I worked for the Post Office, on my way to work so the union paid for a solicitor. We took the driver to the cleaners. I got a new bike, new helmet, leathers, gloves, boots, suit, shirt, socks and pants and a nice holiday paid for.

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Re: Good Pratical scooter Advice for all ( Video )

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Cant read it because site rental expired in October!

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