2017 650 Executive eats rear wheel-bearings

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2017 650 Executive eats rear wheel-bearings

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I bought my 650 new in December 2017. At 26k miles the rear-wheel bearings collapsed, damaging the wheel in the process, necessitating a new unit, supplied on Suzuki warranty. The scoot is now showing 46k miles and was in for service yesterday. The technician had to replace the rear-wheel bearings as he found lateral play while checking the bike over. So, OEM bearings failed at 26k miles, replacements worn to the point of needing changing at 46k miles. What's going on here? I have been riding since 1966 and have NEVER had to replace wheel bearings at less than 100k miles. (by the way, the fronts were changed just before the first failure of the rears)

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Re: 2017 650 Executive eats rear wheel-bearings

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Its usually water ingress that makes short work of them. Occasionally overload can happen through being pre-loaded because of bad assembly design tolerances. Except in the case of purposely designed taper roller assemblies there should never be pre-load on rolling element bearings. I have had to replace bearings on a Peugeot scooter at very low mileage because the design relied on the type of bearing which has a built in seal on the outward facing side and this just wasn't good enough.
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