200 Miles Up! NIU Scooter Pt.2

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200 Miles Up! NIU Scooter Pt.2

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200 Miles Up! NIU Scooter 2nd Report

I'm amazed just how quickly the 200-mile mark on the clock has come up. I have now done four trips over to Bike Night at the Dun Cow which have used up nearly 80 miles but even so!
The latest trip there was yesterday evening; I left home around 5.15. in the dark and it was a good test of the headlight's efficiency as I had several miles on unlit country roads. It's a bit unnerving as my maximum speed of 45 MPH is 25 MPH below the speed limit but it was obvious the rear light is plainly visible – I was passed by several cars, all of which gave me plenty or room.
The headlight is excellent, both on dip and full beam. I say no more.

The Friday before last, after my regular trip down to church in the morning, I decided to ride along the sea-front. Instead of turning up towards home as I rode I went further. It was just like going for a ride on my bike when I was a boy; aimlessly riding for the hell of it. It was a lovely morning but I have found the scooter is fine, even in the gale-force winds we've had recently. It also affords a reasonable level of protection from the rain.

I made a list of three specific points just after my first report – things I forgot to write. Needless to say, I've lost the list and can remember only two of the points.
First: I can just get both feet flat on the ground when stationary. It's not particularly important but it does make sitting at traffic-lights very comfortable.
Second: This is far more important and about par for the course for fat people on P2Ws. The mirrors don't stick out far enough! In a way, it doesn't matter but I do want to know what's behind when I'm out of the 40 MPH limits. I have bought mirror extenders, supposedly right for the job, but I need a couple of adaptors – they were ordered today and will arrive tomorrow.

Not directly to do with the scooter: I noticed that the topbox lock had come loose. I think I was lucky it hadn't fallen out on my way back yesterday evening. I've tightened it up now so it should be okay. I'll be aware in future. I'm still glad I bought the big box. Friends have remarked that it looks 'right' although it's big.

I'll think of the third thing in due course.

I'm loving it! :D
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Re: 200 Miles Up! NIU Scooter Pt.2

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Nice update. Can't help but sympathise with the mirror problem! :lol:
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