Over The Moors And Far Away!

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Over The Moors And Far Away!

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Yesterday I had a lovely ride across the Yorkshire Moors, planned and led by a fellow maxi-scooterist I encountered on Facebook earlier in the year. The starting point was the car-park at Hardwick Hall. I arrived ready to depart at 11.30. and the three of us - another welcoming rider from a Facebook group was there, too - set off in beautiful weather. Some of the clouds looked a bit threatening but managed to hold off except for a few spots of rain during the day. I didn't have a clue where we were going and I lost my bearings completely but the scenery and roads were spot-on as those who've been here will know. After and hour or so we stopped in a village - can't remember the name - at a little cafe selling take-away coffee. I suppose we were there for 20 minutes or so, maybe longer, then set off again. Conveniently, close to the cafe were public loos. We rode and rode through more glorious scenery along some much higher and narrower roads; we were definitely 'on' the moors! Helmsley was the next stop. Riding with people who know the area well is always a bonus; we parked close to but not in the Market Square, thus avoiding parking fees. Steve - ride leader - and I chose to visit the Bakery to buy pasties and things while Graeme stopped at the Chippy. We sat, socially one metre apart, on a bench beneath the statue in the middle of the square. Lunch eaten, loos were visited, and we set off again. I lost track of time, as one does, enjoying the views and the challenge of riding on some narrow and steep country lanes. Steve set a good pace so I was very comfortable. We passed signs to places I've heard of but never visited, one of which was Ampleforth, and a few I had been to in the dim and distant past, Riveaux being one of them. What I didn't know was that there was a third big abbey along with Riveaux and Fountains, namely Byland. This was our third and last stop. We parked and wandered into the ruins, finding benches where more chat happened. Rested, we walked back to the bikes and said farewells; Steve lives somewhere up there while both Graeme and I live further North; how much further I didn't realise until we all hit the A19 with a sign saying 'Sunderland 50 miles'! Steve peeled off after a few miles while I followed Graeme, who set a brisk pace, up to the first 'Seaham' turn-off. I 'turned off' waving and leaving Graeme to travel on to Sunderland. I arrive home just before 5.00., tired but having had a most enjoyable day. There will be more in due course. Thanks to Steve for planning and leading - not always the most enjoyable task - and to Steve and Graeme for making me so welcome, helping me manoeuvre the very heavy Silverwing on very steep ground and general putting up with me. Here's to the next one.
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Re: Over The Moors And Far Away!

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I made the mistake of thinking the Hardwick Hall they referred too was the Hardwick Hall near me😂
Must wear my specs when reading!🤓

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Re: Over The Moors And Far Away!

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Excellent! Sounds a brilliant way to spend some riding time. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for posting.

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