Corona virus rationing!

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Corona virus rationing!

Post by Whatsisname »

So I stole it off Twitter! :lol:

Purchase limits place on shops in light of the Corona virus panic buying.

ASDA: 2 hand sanitisers and a 4 pack of toilet rolls

TESCO: 1 hand sanitiser , 500g of rice and 4 pack of toilet rolls

ALDI: a MIG welder, a pink sports bra, 2 trumpets, 1 spare wheel for a barrow..
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Re: Corona virus rationing!

Post by Funkycowie »

They reckon only about 15% of the public are actually panic buying but if more and more people have to self isolate this will only increase and rise to 40-50% causing short term supply shortages.
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Re: Corona virus rationing!

Post by Bluebottle »

I think I messed up - and now I’m stuck with 400 scotch eggs

I thought it said people were “picnic” buying.
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Re: Corona virus rationing!

Post by Snail »

Corona virus don't bother me as I always preferred R Whites anyway, I was a secret lemonade drinker, and engineer for them!🤣😂😁

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Re: Corona virus rationing!

Post by Maxsymuppet »

LOL! Being a regular shopper at Aldi I can see what you mean. They sell anything they think they can shift.

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Re: Corona virus rationing!

Post by StephenC »

I'm working from home.

Luckily I managed to get the last Tassimo latte pods in the Co-Op down the road this morning. I was ready to fight for them but luckily the old lady couldn't reach high enough on the shelf.

Desperate times indeed.
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